Apple Professional Learning

As an accredited Apple Professional learning Specialist. Mat can support schools, colleges and Universities with their integration and innovation with technology in learning and teaching

Vision and Planning

Looking to get started with technology in your institution? Not sure where to start or how to make sure its embedded in the whole school strategy? Let us help

Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting staff in looking at how technology can support their work is a key part of what we do, from co planning and delivery to support in identifying ways to cut workload and become more efficient.

Who are we?

Welcome to Think Creative, led by Mathew Pullen

Think Creative is all about looking at things in a different way, the work is primarily with schools and educational institutions and explores and supports the use of technology to transform learning opportunities.

This site provides ways in which you can bring a little creativity into what you do by thinking differently about how you approach things.

Think Creative TV

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