Customised Ongoing Support for Educators

For nearly 40 years, Apple has designed products and services for education to help every educator engage every student. Apple Professional Learning Specialists help staff and education leaders create learning environments that address the needs of all learners through innovative approaches to pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment.

As teachers become more familiar with how technology can enhance learning for their students, it’s important that they have opportunities to continuously pursue and inspire their own learning and practices. Teaching in today’s technology-rich classrooms invites educators to try new approaches to curriculum, instruction and assessment, and content practices. Apple Professional Learning Specialists help educators acquire strong product foundations in an education context, explore integrating technology into learning, and aspire to innovating their instructional practice.

Apple Professional Learning Specialists are lifelong educators who are uniquely qualified to help fellow educators understand the capabilities of Apple technology for learning and teaching. They use research-based instructional technology practices to help educators throughout the journey from skill acquisition to instructional practice innovation. Apple Professional Learning Specialists work with educators in their own schools and in the context of their own curriculum, which helps them build the confidence they need to integrate technology and pedagogy.

Apple Professional Learning Specialist offerings are usually organised into multiple-day engagements over a period of time and are designed to provide:

  • Leadership visioning and planning to help administrators prioritise learning objectives
  • Guidance from an Apple Professional Learning Specialist directly or through a reseller who’s dedicated to your project
  • Customised, research-based professional learning plans to match learning goals
  • Hands-on, immersive learning experiences to help staff develop innovative instructional practices that engage learners
  • An opportunity to work with your professional learning leaders to build sustainabilityLet Apple Professional Learning Specialists help provide your staff with the best personal support for innovating their instructional practices in ways that will engage learners and enable personalised learning.To learn more, contact your local Apple team or Apple Solution Expert for Education.

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