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Welcome to Think Creative, led by Mathew Pullen

Think Creative is all about looking at things in a different way, the work is primarily with schools and educational institutions and explores and supports the use of technology to transform learning opportunities.

This site provides ways in which you can bring a little creativity into what you do by thinking differently about how you approach things.

About Mat

Mat started in education as a PE teacher in 2002 and quickly saw the benefit of bringing a bit of creativity into his teaching to engage and enthuse learners.  As soon as he got his hands on mobile technology it gave him the tools to further develop that creativity.  Having worked to develop learning and teaching in PE he also developed a whole school approach to the use of technology.  In 2013 he worked with local consortia to help develop schools approaches to their use of technology to support literacy and numeracy through PE.  Following this he worked for an edtech consultancy company across the globe to advise and support schools and local government on their technology uses to enhance learning and teaching.

In 2016 he started work in teacher education at the University of South Wales where he now looks to develop the approaches of the next generation of teachers in the UK and beyond.

Mat has spoken at many recent high profile events both in the UK and abroad on the use of technology in the classroom.

What we do

Having worked at Primary, Secondary and in Higher Education, Mat is in an ideal situation to support educators with their use of technology.  As an Apple Professional Learning Specialist he can provide professional training on the use of Apple technology in the classroom having used it himself in many settings.  As a qualified teacher he is in a position to both advise leadership but also work alongside educators in their settings to develop practice.

We offer sessions for whole staff, bespoke support in the classroom as a mentor, or overall vision and planning support for leadership.

If you would like to book Mat for some support please contact mat6453@gmail.com

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